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The search process, which has been refined over the past 20+ years, is designed to identify, attract and select the highest and most suitably qualified candidates based on the requirements of the specification for the search. We see each search as collaboration where the sharing of information about the role, team, culture and company in general will allow us to understand the best fit for the company. We devote all our energies to serving our clients with speed and efficiency building a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. During the search process our clients and candidates receive personal, responsive service, candid communications and absolute confidentiality.

PHASE 1 > Understanding needs

Our search process in terms of strategy, communication and execution is tailored to fit the unique dynamics and requirements of your company. Before we move forward on the search we meet with your team to develop a comprehensive understanding of the organization, its culture, unique requirements, and the career opportunity. We meet with key individuals in your team to develop an understanding of what experience, personal attributes, and professional qualities and competencies our client is seeking. We provide you with written documentation clearly outlining the terms of the engagement, including the company and position information, the scope of our services, the project leader and team dedicated to the project, the search strategy, our project timelines and our professional fees. We tailor the search process to your requirements and the dynamics of the marketplace to successfully attract and secure superior talent for your team.

PHASE 2 > Developing the candidate pool

The second phase of the search process involves developing and executing the search strategy — where we will go, whom we will target. We review our extensive database, research target companies, mobilize appropriate professional networks, and contact sources that we have found to be reliable. As we develop candidate pools, we identify the candidates who appear to match most closely the requirements of the position description and in whom our clients have the greatest interest. We meet these candidates for initial face-to-face interviews to explore the candidate’s education, professional experience, personal strengths and weaknesses, and overall fit with our client organization as aligned with the position description. We introduce these candidates to our client by means of a detailed written narrative profile that captures five key areas of knowledge, our client needs in order to begin evaluating prospective personnel:

  • An account of the candidate’s current responsibilities
  • A summary of professional and personal background and experience
  • An analysis and appraisal of strengths and weaknesses, measured against the particular requirements of the position
  • An explanation of the basis of the candidate’s interest in the role
  • An assessment of factors that will influence the recruitment process

PHASE 3 > Concluding the search

The client selects candidates for first-round interviews, which we facilitate. When a short list of finalists is selected, we work with the client to handle candidate travel and communication. Throughout the search process, we work to maintain clear communication between our potential candidates and our client organization. Subject to our client’s wishes, we assist in the formulation and negotiation of terms of the final offer and advise on benefits and relocation issues that will need to be addressed. We conduct comprehensive reference checks on final candidates, providing our clients with a confidential written summary of our conversations and findings. We handle all notification of candidates at the successful conclusion of the search. 80 percent of our business is repeat business and of all our statistics, this is the one for which we are most proud. Ultimately it is the placed candidate’s long-term impact that differentiates us. We track the retention of our placed candidates and are proud of the fact that our retention rates rank among the highest in the industry.

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