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The Forsyth Group is an investor in the Seedcamp Fund

Our portfolio companies include:


A service that enables brick-and-mortar shops to manage their own topup payment system. Customers choose how much to topup and automatically earn extra credit — best of all they just need a mobile number to get started and then pay using their name. Visit their website


Helps customer facing employees to get 360 degree customer profiles inside any website while browsing. Visit their website. 


The Web, summarized by people. Visit their website


SimpleTax makes it easy for freelancers, the self employed, and a host of other people to claim their tax refunds. Visit their website


A software testing as a service platform which helps developers save time and errors by identifying bugs which are repeated throughout the codebase. Visit their website


Provides accurate and comprehensive event information which is powering what’s on guides across the globe. Visit their website



minubo is a curated, web-based BI solution for eCommerce merchants with the most sexiest front-end. Visit their website


Your kid’s first email. Visit their website

A social network for makers. Visit their website

Home on Demand

Home on Demand improves the relationship between landlords and tenant, allowing everybody to find the home they love. Visit their website


A suite of mobile & online products for the golf industry making golfers happy by enabling performance analytics, connecting them with instructors and golf courses. Visit their website


A revenue-generating event management platform for nightclubs – OpenTable for nightclubs. Visit their website


Crowd process uses computing capacity in users’ browsers around the world to build a truly distributed supercomputer. Visit their website


Continuous integration and deployment as Software-as-a-Service. Don’t waste your time setting up your own Jenkins server. Visit their website


Futurelytics helps companies to gain more value from customers by using predictive analytics. Visit their website

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