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A random round up of interesting happenings on the web.

The Groupon IPO filing has had lots of airplay this week. Apart from everything else, this really impressed us:

The company now has more than 8,000 employees worldwide, up from 37 employees two years ago. Via CNN

Another Groupon titbit, if you do a search for Eric Lefkofsky on Google, the second automatically generated result is “eric lefkosky fraud”. FYI, Eric is the main shareholder with almost 22% of Groupon. Via CNN

Paul Kedrosky posted Eric’s quotes from his Ha-Lo days in “Then and Now”. If you try and access the original link, it seems to have disappeared though…

We will watch the Groupon IPO with interest.

Team Building

Thankfully we are not in San Francisco or NY at the moment. 


And finally CONGRATULATIONS to Seedcamp  invested companies EDITD and Grabcad! 


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