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Congratulations to the team @ Fizzback

Fizzback exits for $ 80m to Nice Systems     

This is a great result for the people we know at Fizzback. Fizzback is one of the companies that could have gone on to be a significant European success, so the question that one has to ask is, why did they sell out now for $80m? As Robin Klein of TAG puts it “On the other hand, its a disappointment that a company which had begun to make a global impact in the world of Customer Experience Management, had captured some of the largest corporate clients worldwide, is not going solo ‘all the way’.” . “The TAG philosophy has always been to support founders and to recognize that entrepreneurs’ own motivation must ultimately be the deciding factor in these types of decisions.”

It seems like the founders have executed brilliantly but have now decided that it’s time to call it a day.

Hopefully we will see a new group of angel investors Fizzing around that London scene in the coming months.





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