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Fulfilling those New Year’s resolutions – how are you doing?

January is a Marmite month: on the one hand we love the fresh start, the inspiring resolutions, the chance to make this the most healthy, productive, educational year of our lives; whilst on the other hand, we’re struggling to resist those glasses of wine, and stubbornly refusing to wake up before the crack of dawn to crack on with our new exercise regimes. On January 1st we bounded out of bed with the determination of an ironman triathlete (after the hangover had subsided); now that it’s almost half way through January, the novelty of cruciferous vegetables has worn off, and the sharp reality of running on a dark wintry night is hitting us hard, we’re looking to re-energise our motivation by reviewing our goals.


We’re determined to beat the January blues with both company-wide and individual life-hacks.  We’ll keep you updated on our progress and we wish you the best of luck with your own. As part of this, we will be blogging about the different apps/tech/self-help programs we use to 1. Make sure we stick to those pesky resolutions and 2. Let you know which apps/events/self-help programmes we find most effective.  We’d also love to hear what is helping you achieve your 2015 goals, so do reach out to let us know!


Coming up in reviews:

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